Among students in Lund, P6 is probably best known for its condom raids, happening during student parties, where condoms are handed out by the Outreach committee and peer education takes place. Other tasks of our Outreach committee is organizing info tables, mostly at events like the Students Association Fair or simply at one of the many campuses in Lund, or hosting Pub Quizzes, where people can test their knowledge about sexual health.

”Outreach is the part of P6 where we go out and meet all the lovely students in Lund to inform them about safer sex. Outreach arrange condomraids (handing out condoms and lube at nations or other events), info-tables and pubquizzes! It is fun to always meet new people, to hand out tons of condoms and talk about sexual health and P6!”

Do you wanna join an Outreach event? Feel free to contact us via outreach@projekt6.se.