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Welcome to Projekt Sex!

Welcome to P6! Lund University Student’s Projekt Sex, shortly called P6, is an independent organization working for Lund University’s students to promote sexual health on a physical, emotional and social level. Our goal is to generate a larger awareness of sexual health and a safer sexual behavior among the students in Lund. We also work towards increasing respect for different individual’s sexuality.

How do we do this?

We work with a method called peer-education, where peers educate peers. We spread information, hand out free condoms and are available for help and support when needed. All students are welcome to our office on the 4th floor in the AF-building.

What we might be most known for are the so-called condom raids, which means that a group of P6-members visit different student events and hand out free condoms. We also cooperate a lot with other groups and student organizations.

Membership is free!

If you would like to become a member, you can do this through the website, visiting our office or email us at It is free of charge, the only requirement is that you’re a member of Studentlund. 

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