Projekt Sex, P6, exists of course at Campus Helsingborg!

Where can I pick up free condoms in Helsingborg?

Since the spring 2012 all students can pick up condoms and lubricant for free in the reception at Campus Helsingborg. We also hand out condoms and lubricant at student parties and other arrangements. Please contact us via helsingborg@projekt6.se if you are about to arrange an event for the students in Helsingborg where you want P6 to hand out condoms and lubricant!

What does P6 do in Helsingborg other than handing out condoms?

Other than handing out condoms we also spread information about where you can get tested, we learn about sexuality and a lot of other fun things! As a member in P6 you can also take part in interesting, free educations! We collaborate willingly with other student organizations at Campus and have also a close collaboration with P6 in Lund. P6 Helsingborg is a member based organization. That means that we arrange activities depending on what our members ask for. You are always welcome to contact us with ideas for our work and to suggest new activities!

How can I get involved?

If you would like to be involved in P6 Helsingborg, then you are more than welcome! The membership is for free and it is up to you to decide how much you would like to be engaged. The best thing is if you send us an email via helsingborg@projekt6.se or if you catch us when we are at Campus! You can also find us at www.facebook.com/P6HBG.

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