During the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019, the Coordinator of P6 is Zeynep Uca. If you want to get in contact with her you can visit our office during our opening hours or send an email to

What does the Coordinator do?

The Coordinator is the only person working full-time for P6. If you visit the P6-office, call or email us you will most likely be greeted by our Coordinator. The Coordinator’s main task is to handle the ongoing operations of P6. This include welcoming new members and making sure that all members – old as new – thrive in the organization. The Coordinator is also the person who, together with the President represents P6 in official contexts.

How is the Coordinator elected?

In the beginning of spring the Board puts together an election committee with the purpose to elect a Coordinator candidate amongst those applying for the position. The candidate is then presented to the Board that makes the final decision. The new Coordinator is officially presented to the members of P6 during the General Members’ Meeting (in the spring). The Cooridinator’s engagement starts in July and ends in June the following year. The handover from the old Coordinator to the new takes place in June.

Note that you have to be able to speak Swedish to work as the Coordinator of P6.