The most-present person in our organization is our beloved P6 Coordinator. When you visit our office, call or email us, most likely it will be our Coordinator that talks to you first. This position is the only full-time position in P6 and elected by all members for 1 year. As the name already hints, the Coordinator coordinates whatever needs to be done within the organization and is always available during our office hours.

During the autumn semester 2017 and the spring 2018 semester, the position is filled by Sofia Kvarnbo.

Being the coordinator in P6 means that I work full-time at our office greeting visitors, answering emails, handle our Facebook-events, write our weekly newsletter as well as helping out planning and arranging events! It’s a super-fun job since no workday is the same as the previous one, I meet new fantastic people daily, I get to cooperate with all the other lovely arrangers and I quickly get results from all the work we do together!

If you wanna get in touch with our P6 Coordinator, just visit our office during the opening hours or send an email to