The Workshop committee arranges workshops and lectures for students at Lund University. Most often these are arranged on request of different student organizations and thus the theme of the workshop/lecture depends on what subjects the student organization wants us to talk about. I the past the Workshop committee have had workshops about “nollefriden”, sex and alcohol, norms and consent. We also arrange condom schools where we go through different types of condoms, condom related problems and how condoms are used in a safe way. Parts of P6’s work is specifically directed towards education of key figures within the student life. These can be people working at Nations, Corps or that are in other ways engaged in the student life.

If you as a Nation, Corp or other organization within the student life of Lund want P6 to arrange a workshop for you, you can email the Coordinator at

How are the Workshop Officers elected?

The Workshop committee consists of two positions sharing the responsibility equally. The Workhsop Officers are chosen by the Board in the beginning of each semester to hold the positions for the remaining time of the semester. If you are interested in the positions as Workshop Officer do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator for more information.