P6 History

Lunds university student’s Projekt Sex, (P6) started as a peer education project under the Studenthealth and Skin Clinic in 1991. The project was launched after results showed that years of frightening propaganda only had a short-term effect and that the numbers for STIs among students was reachinging extreme levels. The project turned out to be successful; on three different occasions during the 1990’s, large studies were executed and all showed a consistent positive effect.

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The project recieved a lot of attention internationally and several projects were launched around the world with P6 as a role model. Today still, many projects are launched and managed with P6 as a model, in for example India, China and Uganda. Around 2003 several similair projects were launched in Sweden and today there are more than 10 Swedish student organizations working with sexual health among students.

P6 Lund today has around 100 members, of which 20-30 are active members, and keep growing.