Nowadays there is a variety of different contraceptives, but since a condom still is the only one that is protective against both STIs and unwanted pregnancies, we hope and work towards make the condom a natural part of sexual encounters. We offer a wide range of condoms, so why not come by the office and discover you new favourite?

A condom is your cheapest insurance – use it!

A sample of our many condoms:


Studded/dotted surface for extra sensation.

Thin (previously Chosan)

Is 0.01 mm thinner than the standard condom.


The old classic Magic and Profil is the exact same condom. Standard condom that is profiled.

Grande (previously Okeido)

Sligthly bigger around the tip.


Straight condom without container. Perfect for oralsex because it has no lubricant, also good for lubricant allergies.


Contains L-arginin which increases the bloodflow, may enhance the erection and increase the sexual pleasure and give an intense sensation for both.


Good alternative to a condom, where the recieving part can choose to wear the protection instead of the giving part. Can be inserted up to 8 hours before use.

We also offer dental dams in different variations.

In the office we also have different kinds of lubrication:


Water based organic lube, does not leave stains and easily washable with water. Dries out quicker than silicone based.

Pjur Orginal

Silicone based lube, lasts longer, more fluid and may leave stains. Does not dry out as quickly as water based but is slightly harder to wash away.