Here you can find some useful links to websites concering sexual health.

These are Swedish websites, but most of them have English versions.

Contact information to clinics
Contact info to health care in Sweden. Also information about diseases and symptoms. is the Youth Clinic online. Here you can find a lot of useful information about almost everything concering sexual health. You can also find information about your local clinic. The youth clinic is for you who is younger than 23 years.

Websites with good info about sexual health
Hivportalen a webste for all who works with sexual health in Sweden. Here you can find a lot of statistics, method materials and publications.
It is the mission of Smittskyddsinstitutet (Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control), a government expert agency, to monitor the epidemiological situation for communicable diseases in humans. It is also responsible for promoting protection against such diseases.
Lafa is a method and knowledge centre for people who work with sexuality and health in the county of Stockholm in schools, with youth clubs and youth clinics, in caring professions and within non-governmental organisations, to name but a few examples.

LGBTQ-topics (Homosexuality, bi-sexuality, transgender and Queer)
Swedish Federation of LGBTQ students – SFQ, is a collaboration between LGBTQ student at Swedish universities. SFQ’s primary purpose is to unify and strengthen local LGBTQ student services.
The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. Information and activities.
QX is the largest LGBT-media publisher in Scandinavia with QX Monthly,, Internet community and QX online GayMap. QX also arranges the yearly GayGala-award, broadcasted on national television, and works with sponsorship for Stockholm publishes entertainment, cultural and political news, of interest for a gay and gay friendly readership.

Sexual counseling 

Sexvägledarna offers counseling regarding sexual och relationship issues – alone, in pairs or in group. It’s possible to be anonymous. 

Kompetenscentrum Sexuella tjänster (KST) caters to people who sell, buys, trades or consumes sexual favors in any way. They offer counseling through e-mail, chat, phone or personal meetings. The counseling is free of charge, they have professional secrecy and you can choose to be anonymous.  


Sexual abuse

Storasyster with the project “Hela Mig” works with sexual abuse and sexuality issues resulting from sexual abuse. They offer: Guidance from their sexologist (sex therapist), chat with a sexologist, counselling from sexologist in Malmö and psychologist in Stockholm.

The website is Swedish but you can contact them in English.


Association of Women’s Shelters (kvinnojourer) and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres (tjejjourer)
ROKS the national umbrella organization for association of women’s shelters. Here you can find information and statistics about the local organizations and their work. Only in Swedish.
The Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Empowerment Centres, SKR, is a national association of women’s shelters (kvinnojour), young women’s empowerment centres (tjejjour), relatives’ associations and other organisations working to prevent and put a stop to men’s violence against women.

Other student organizations working with sexual health
P6’s sister organization at Uppsala Univeristy

Other non-governemental-organizations that work with Sexual Health in Sweden
Kärleksakuten (LovER) is an student organization that works with sex education for teenagers. They have a local organization in Lund.
RFSU stands for condoms and other products, sexual information, advocacy, sexual policies, clinics, information provision in schools and much more. They are a non-profit organisation independent of party politics, the unions and religion that works for an open, positive view of sex and relationship issues. Here you can find information, method materials, news and more.