The Office

Where can you find us?

On the third floor in AF Borgen you can find our office. It is open both Tuesday’s and Friday’s between 12:00 and 15:00 unless anything else have been mentioned on our social media or website. 

Inside the office you will find a great variety of condoms from different brands such as Passante and RFSU. We also provide dentaldams, internal condoms and lube. If you have any request about size, taste, color or material you can always ask the person from P6 that holds the office open. You can also ask other questions such as where to get tested or where to find other safe spaces.

If the office is closed you can take condoms from the condom box stuck to the office door.

Our office if located on the third floor of AF-Borgen and you can come here if you are a student to pick up free condoms or lube. We can also help you to get in touch with the right reception if you want to get tester for Sexually Transmitted Infections or seek other sexological help.

To get to us take the stairs/elevator to the third floor and then enter the door to the left (‘Studentlivsvåningen’). Then follow the corridor all the way until it turns to the right. You will find our office just after this turn.

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