The Outreach committee is responsible for outreach activities that addresses all the students of Lund University. The most common and recurrent activities that Outreach arrange are condom raids, info tables and pub quizzes. At condom raids P6 hands out condoms and other barrier protections at parties or other events. Info tables are arranged both during different fairs and and during ordinary days at places where students can be found. Pub quizzes are most often arranged in cooperation with different nations and is a fun and relaxed way to spread knowledge about sexual health.

If you as a Nation, union or other organization within the student life of Lund want P6 to arrange any activity for you, you can email the Board at

If you as a Member of P6 are interested to help out at any activity arranged by Outreach you can email Outreach at

How is Outreach elected?

Outreach consists several positions sharing the responsibility equally. The Outreach Officers are chosen by the Board in the beginning of each semester to hold the positions for the remaining time of the semester. If you are interested in the positions as Outreach Officer do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator for more information.