Getting Tested

It is completely free to test yourself for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV in Sweden.


In Lund you can test yourself at the STI-clinic at Hudkliniken on Lasarettsgatan 15 (very close to the University library). Call 046-17 11 65 to book an appointment, or 046-17 21 13 from Monday to Friday, 9m – 12pm and 1.30-4pm. After calling, wait for the long Swedish message to finish before listening for information. You can also test yourself for chlamydia at Studenthälsan (the student health center), call 046-222 43 77 to book an appointment. If you are under 23 years old, you can also get tested at the youth clinic, call 046-275 24 20 to find out more or check out this link.


If you live in Malmö you can get tested at Centrum för sexuell hälsa at Claesgatan 7 (close to the square in Möllevången). To book an appointment call at +46 (0)40 33 17 47Here you can also call to talk to a professional about relationships and sexuality.

  •  Opening times:  

             Monday               7:45-11:30AM  ;  12:30-3:30PM

             Tuesday              7:45-11:30AM  ;  12:30-3:30PM  4:15-6:30PM

             Wednesday        7:45-11:30AM

             Thursday            7:45-11:30AM  ;  12:30-3:30PM

              Friday                 7:45-11:30AM


In Helsingborg can you test yourself at the STD Clinic at Helsingborg hospital by calling at +46 (0)42 406 23 09 to book an appointment. Monday – Friday 8.45 – 9.30 am and Monday – Thursday 1.15 – 2.00 pm. The STD clinic is located at the Scin clinic on the first floor in the main building in the hospital. 

If you are under 23 you can get tested at the Youth clinic in Helsingborg at Springpostgränden 3A. Their phone number is 042 – 406 22 90.


  • On this webpage you can find all the places where you can test yourself in Skåne. Feel free to contact us at P6 if you would like further advice (Swedish webpage).
  • If you’re younger than 23 you can also check out the website for Ungdomsmottagning. 
  • You can also get tested for Chlamydia at home by ordering a test online at (Swedish webpage). 
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